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How do you plan to use My Name is an Address with your children, students, family, or community?  
These ideas and photos are from my classroom, and were also shared by educators and readers just like you!

If you’re able, please share with me using the hashtag #MyNameIsAnAddress, tag me on social media, or send me an email ( Thank you!

K-5th Grade Engineering

Each year, I introduce myself as an educator and an author-illustrator to my K-5th grade students. I read aloud a few of my favorite pages in MY NAME IS AN ADDRESS. I show a 2-3 minute clip to introduce engineering and describe the purpose of my classroom. Then, I challenge students to express their name with a design challenge. Here are a few of the name-based design challenges! (Click on the images for more information and printables!)

Read and Illustrate

Illustrate your name after reading My Name is an Address.
Use crayons, markers, or paint to creatively illustrate the full or first letter of your name.

Contributors: Dawn Henderson (Saskatchewan)


Microsoft Designer

My name, of course it’s the first thing I created with AI! This was so fun to use and see multiple images! 

𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗺𝗽𝘁 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗲

Transform your name or initials into a one-of-a-kind design! 

Edit the Microsoft Designer prompt to get started:


Choice Board

"It’s  a choice board of read alouds that kids could listen to after they were done with their engineering. It’s got your interview from the 5th grader and you reading your book!!!

Please share with Kason that my students were SO impressed with his interview!"  - Mrs. Stem



Pick a letter from the alphabet & come up with a word relating to your family.


"R is for Rhubarb Rhubarb is growing in our yard. It’s been passed down at least 3 generations in my husband’s family. We bake rhubarb pies every spring!" - M.W.

"P is for Picnics. Every Sunday we would go on a picnic at the marina and my father would take family photos. He used to get us to lie in the dandelion beds thinking they were flowers. I sneezed all the way home!" - Tu Vuong 

"B is for birds. 4+ generations of bird-watching and bird love. We have many feeders, we plant our garden with the birds in mind. We are now even chicken keepers. I am as spell-bound as shore & sea birds as by land birds. B is for birds." - Sarah Norsworthy


Mrs. Alexis Kamp-Berger
3rd Grade Teacher

"'One World, Many Stories' Your book is just PERFECT for the reading week theme! Thank you for sharing your story with us!" (2023)

"Our reading story's theme this week is 'Traditions', so you know I put your book in my lessons!! They loved the story!" (2022)

"We just read My Name is an Address in class and it was really meaningful learning all about your culture and traditions. I am Israeli and reading your book made me want to think about tapping into my traditions too!! Thank you for inspiring me so much, Ekuwah."  -  Aya, 3rd grader

"Mrs. Kamp-Berger read your book to us yesterday and I LOVED it. I'm so sorry that your grandfather died and that was probably hard for you to get through." - Maddie, 3rd grader


"Tonight was Multicultural Night for

Lied STEM Academy families. #MyNameIsAnAddress, by

@ekuwah, inspired me to share about Ghanaian day names. I also highlighted books by authors with Ghanaian names!" - Ms. Carr (Twitter)


Ms. Tracy Madryga
ESL teacher at Kenwood Elementary, NBCT
Louisville, KY

"My 2-3 grade summer program students have been loving your book...! We were inspired to write our own books. We used the story map resources from your website to plan. See the comments for some of their work so far! (All shared with permission)"

"The assignment was differentiated for students. Some wrote multiple sentences, while my newcomer+ students worked in their zone of proximal development by coming up with words for each letter."

"All of my students are multilingual learners, so many of them chose to include details about where their families are from."