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How do you plan to use My Name is an Address with your children, students, family, or community?  I’d love to see how you imitate and innovate the extension activities and discussion questions! 

If you’re able, please share with me using the hashtag #MyNameIsAnAddress, tag me on social media, or send me an email ( These gallery photos were shared by educators and readers just like you! Thank you!

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3rd Grade Teacher
Vassiliadis Elementary
Las Vegas, NV

"'One World, Many Stories'

Your book is just PERFECT for the reading week theme! Thank you for sharing your story with us!" (2023)

"Our reading story's theme this week is 'Traditions', so you know I put your book in my lessons!! They loved the story!" (2022)

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"Tonight was Multicultural Night for

Lied STEM Academy families. #MyNameIsAnAddress, by

@ekuwah, inspired me to share about Ghanaian day names. I also highlighted books by authors with Ghanaian names!" - Ms. Carr (Twitter)

Middle School Teacher
Lied STEM Academy 
Las Vegas, NV

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ESL teacher at Kenwood Elementary, NBCT
Louisville, KY

"My 2-3 grade summer program students have been loving your book...! We were inspired to write our own books. We used the story map resources from your website to plan. See the comments for some of their work so far! (All shared with permission)"

"The assignment was differentiated for students. Some wrote multiple sentences, while my newcomer+ students worked in their zone of proximal development by coming up with words for each letter."

"All of my students are multilingual learners, so many of them chose to include details about where their families are from."

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