How do you plan to use My Name is an Address with your children, students, family, or community? 

Check out this ongoing list of videos, blogs, articles, lessons plans, and more background information to support the sharing of My Name is an Address.  These are great resources for librarians, teachers, parents, caregivers, school counselors, and all community members! 



Educator Chris Woods and I co-created a list of ideas to get your planning started! Also, I included editable story map templates for writers of all ages to plan their unique ABC story. 

Click "Make a copy." Then, feel free to alter the document and add your own ideas! You are welcome to make changes, print copies, or republish the guide and story maps for non-commercial use as long as credit is visibly given to Ekuwah Mends Moses and Chris Woods in the footer. For commercial use, please contact me for further details.

I’d love to hear how you imitate and innovate these ideas! If you’re able, please share with me using the hashtag #MyNameIsAnAddress or tag me on social media. I may add your examples to the extension gallery!

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"This book is's such a super combination of history, culture, & inspiration & hope. You’re a superhero Ekuwah! I’m so glad you’ve stepped out & wrote this incredible book! This is a super book for any classroom or home!" 

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"There's always more in a book than there is time for in the classroom.  Try to plant seeds, questions, that live long past the lesson."



My Name is an Address, by Ekuwah [Mends] Moses, introduces readers to a wide range of vocabulary and concepts. Use this list of books to explore related concepts in a different genre, setting, or situation. (Revisit for new additions!)


“The power is not in the book itself, but rather in the readers who create meaning or co-construct meaning through dialogue, develop empathy, and are inspired as change agents."



Lesson Plans, Articles, Blogs, Picture Books, Poetry, Other Texts/Resources

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"The more important thing is that I've always wanted to write the kind of books that could invite, as well as sustain, subsequent readings"

Toni Morrison



Please preview these videos before sharing with children and other people.

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"No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally - and often far more - worth reading at the age of fifty and beyond."

C.S. Lewis



Please preview the content of these videos before sharing with children and other people. You may want to consider sharing a short clip!

Children in Library

"The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth"

African Proverb





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