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"Legacy, what is legacy?
It's planting seeds in a garden you will never see."

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton


MY NAME IS AN ADDRESS is a treasure of a book that educates and affirms children's identities through the very name that identifies them to the world.

Family Engagement Consultant (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

"My Name is An Address" takes the reader on a journey involving the authors name and, in the process, celebrates her Ghanian family history. Now, more than ever, our children should be encouraged to value their names and addresses, as well as those of their friends, neighbours and community members. Ekuwah Mends Moses has written a beautiful, personal story that will encourage readers to find "their address".

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Learning Strategist (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Ekuwah, I truly enjoyed reading this book about the history of your name, your family and how children's names are chosen. The teaching of vocabulary using pictures on different pages was incredible. I found myself anticipating what new words I was going to be introduced to next. The artwork, artifacts, and the memorable photos gave me insight to your family and culture. Adding your website where we as readers can find out what our Ghanaian name is/was a great way to end the book. I can't wait to share it with students and colleagues.

HS Math Teacher, Education Presenter, & Host of the STEM Everyday Podcast & Author of Daily STEM: How to Create a STEM Culture in Your Classrooms & Communities

Ekuwah has crafted a story for the kids of today that expertly weaves history and culture with hope and inspiration. The lessons of knowing where you came from and building upon the legacy and heritage of your ancestors is perfect for all of our children today!

"This is a super book for any classroom or home! Thank you so much @ekuwah

for writing it!"

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Professor, Literacy Education (Hilliard, Ohio)

This is a lovely book, chock full of information. It tells the story of more than just the author and her family - it will appeal to everyone who is interested in cultural heritage. The artwork is engaging, and the writing is clear and inviting. The author also explains the origin and meaning of many words which may not be familiar to American readers. This work invites others to explore their own cultural history and the important meanings of names and traditions within their families.

Theatre Arts Educator with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Adjunct Faculty at UNCC (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Ekuwah Mends Moses comes from a rich Ghanaian and African American legacy of artistic work, culture, and family togetherness. I celebrate her capturing culturally significant art pieces and this family legacy for generations to come. This book showcases and places emphasis on name meanings, their telling a story, and the roots of cultural pride. This is a book to be celebrated; it honors a mother with immense impact and a parental influence that still resonates in the living and for generations to come. It’s a tale of Ekuwah’s line of the Mends family and a fascinating read.- Effuah Mends Sam (proud sister of Ekuwah)

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Educator (Las Vegas, Nevada)

I absolutely love this book!! A-Z books are so much fun for the entire family. My Name is an Address is a powerful child's book and reminds us to be proud of who we are! This story will leave you wanting to ask your parents more about your name and family history.

This book is phenomenal and will be a great addition to your home and/or classroom library! I’m so excited for my amazing and talented friend.

OMG!!! This is amazing!!!!  I am speechless! 

When I first saw this book I wanted to cry because it was so beautiful. 

We are so excited for Ekuwah's book! It is beyond amazing! #edumatch

I encourage everyone to read

@ekuwah’s new book...

My wonderful long-time friend wrote this book and it is the #1 on Amazon. I am so incredibly proud of her, she is an inspiration and a wonderful role model and friend.

Rebecca Markin

Kids Reading Outdoor


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